1 November 2020

How to Reopen During COVID-19 – business.com

When and how to reopen is a complex decision. Take a critical look at your business, what’s happening in your region, and your industry.
1 November 2020

Set Up an Online Store, Even If You Aren’t Tech-Savvy – business.com

Follow these six tips from Rich Rao, vice president of small business at Facebook, to capitalize on the pandemic’s rise in e-commerce this holiday season.
29 October 2020

Employee Awareness Recognized as Biggest Lockdown Security Failing

Employee awareness is seen as the biggest area of weakness for firms’ cybersecurity strategies over the past few months of mass remote working during COVID-19, according […]
28 October 2020

Applying the Lessons of the Pandemic to Build for the Future

The experience has been so enriching that management has rebooted its digital transformation journey, and some early results are already visible. TSBSL is now rolling out […]
27 October 2020

How COVID-19 Is Changing the Pace of Energy Transitions

Beyond adopting stimulus spending measures directed at innovation and infrastructure, Asian governments are pursuing other policies to accelerate EV adoption. For instance, South Korea has extended […]
27 October 2020

The Role of Infrastructure Stimulus in the COVID-19 Recovery and Beyond

Maintain Ongoing Works, and Accelerate Shovel-Ready and Shovel-Worthy Projects The crisis has prompted a wholesale review of many industries, and infrastructure is no exception. Now is […]
23 October 2020

#COVID19 Vaccine-Maker Shuts Global Plants After Cyber-Attack

An Indian pharmaceutical giant has been forced to shut operations at several global facilities after suffering an unspecified cyber-attack. Dr Reddy’s, which produces COVID-19 treatments remdesivir […]
22 October 2020

Why Hiring During Covid Is Different Than in Previous Downturns

Executive Summary Many executives assume that their firm’s power in the labor market correlates with the unemployment rate and general state of the economy.  During a […]
16 October 2020

BA GDPR Data Breach Fine Lowered to £20m Due to COVID-19

The fine against British Airways for GDPR failings has been reduced to £20m from the original £183m intent to fine issued last July. An ICO investigation found the […]