31 October 2020

20 photographs of the week

Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, the US elections, demonstrations in Philadelphia and Baghdad, and the enduring impact of Covid-19: the most striking images from around the world
30 October 2020

’Slow and steady’: Returning to work responsibly

HRD spoke to the head of HR at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute on their organisational response to COVID-19
30 October 2020

COVID-19 recovery: Are you investing in the right tech?

Productivity is rising in some firms – and falling in others. Here’s why
29 October 2020

COVID-19: Can you force employees to take the vaccine?

With promising signs of a vaccine on the horizon, HRD looks into the legalities of employee vaccination
29 October 2020

Feeling blue? How to life employee spirts in COVID-19

29 October 2020

The pandemic is taking a toll on women’s career growth

Three in five working women question whether fighting for a promotion or pay raise is even worth it – considering the hurdles they’ve faced in the […]
28 October 2020

Covid in the UK: a new north-south divide? – podcast

Strict new measures have been imposed on cities in the north of England this week in an attempt to control the increasing spread of Covid-19 infections. […]
28 October 2020

Joe Biden: I’m going to ‘shut down the virus’, not the US – video

Joe Biden said he would not shut down the country in response to the coronavirus pandemic, in a rebuttal to Trump’s claim
27 October 2020

How Covid is accelerating the fight for Black voting rights in the US – video

Donald Trump’s election campaign in 2016 targeted nearly 3.5 million Black Americans to deter them from voting, and the battle for the right to vote is […]