13 January 2021

Alphabet Workers Union to bring back the ‘Don’t be evil’ motto

More than 400 engineers and other workers at Google and its parent company, Alphabet, have formed a union open to all employees. The Alphabet Workers Union […]
13 January 2021

Regards? Or is it ‘Thanks’? Here are the worst email mistakes

From cringey sign offs to annoying email faux pas, these are the worst email mistakes everyone makes. Work collaboration may have moved on to work sharing […]
13 January 2021

Labor Secretary Scalia Legalizes Workplace Discrimination Based On Way Out

The Department of Labor announced a new regulation this week that allows federal contractors to appoint workers according to their religious preferences. The order discriminates against […]
6 January 2021

Retail will continue downward spiral with major job losses in 2021

The economies of the world have taken a beating due to the pandemic and it is predicted that it will take at least another two years […]
2 November 2020

Trump, Biden Pitch Dueling Coronavirus Visions in Final Campaign Sprint

A day out from Election Day, Joe Biden was keeping his focus on Ohio and Pennsylvania, while President Trump hoped to boost his support with a […]
2 November 2020

Can Vitamin D Help Fight Covid-19?

Studies under way around the world are examining whether the ‘sunshine vitamin’ can help prevent or treat the new coronavirus.
2 November 2020

Covid-19 Migration Alters Electorate of New York Suburbs

As the election approaches, some new arrivals to communities on the eastern end of Long Island and in the Hudson Valley say their votes now count […]
2 November 2020

America’s Economy Faces a Winter Chill

A combination of rising coronavirus cases, falling temperatures and dwindling financial resources for people and households could make the coming months bleak for the U.S. economy.
2 November 2020

S&P Futures Gain as Election Looms; Oil Falls Further

U.S. stock futures jumped ahead of an election that will shape the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and economic downturn.