A Message of Hope from the Creators of this Platform

We believe that this pandemic will bring out the best in our Pacific community and we hope, that in some small way, this platform helps to support all the Pacific Island nations to better understand what we are facing and what we should do to best protect and preserve our families, our businesses and our way of life.




The Latest Coronavirus News from Every South Pacific Island Nation

The Australian (www.theaustralian.com.au)

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The Times NZ (www.times.co.nz)

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RMI Journal (www.marshallislandsjournal.com)

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Tahiti Pacifique (www.tahiti-pacifique.com)

Tahiti Tourism (www.tahititourisme.com)

Tokelau Gov (www.tokelau.org.nz)

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Nepituno (www.nepituno.to)

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Matangi (www.matangitonga.to)

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